20 Heart Coloring Pages for Children

Heart coloring pages are an exciting way to encourage a toddler to color. The pages are full of bright, colorful pictures of bright colored hearts and other cute animals. These pages usually include a word or phrase that’s related to the heart shaped cartoon characters. For example, one might have a page with a heart that’s decorated with wings spread illustration, and on the top is a phrase such as “My Dad loves me”. This promotes the idea that children feel love when they see their dad’s smiling face in a cute heart pattern on the coloring page.

Toddler’s enjoy heart coloring pages because they are different than traditional coloring books. In a traditional book, the words or phrases are repeated over again. On a heart coloring pages, the patterns are unique. They repeat over, but it’s exciting each time and kids are excited about it. There’s also no repetition of colors or characters. It’s just plain fun to color.

20 Heart Coloring Pages for Children


The pages also make a great activity for families. You can bring your kids together and color while you play. Or, if you have a printer at home, you can print out the heart coloring pages and take them to a family meeting or a class. Your kids will all enjoy having a fun time coloring heart shapes together.


Another great thing about heart coloring pages is that there’s no end. Once your child has finished one heart shape, she can continue on to the next until she runs out of colors. Or, you can stop coloring when your child gets bored. It’s a great way to let them have some fun and get some exercise at the same time. Plus, once your child gets tired, you can always go back and color a new heart shape.

When you start heart coloring pages for toddlers, you’ll probably notice that they tend to get bored quickly. For this reason, you need to be very consistent with your coloring. If you change your routine, the child could become bored. So, you should plan out your coloring schedule so that you have plenty of time to work on coloring. Most children will not go back to coloring for a few weeks once they’ve gotten used to the heart shape.

To further encourage your child’s imagination, you can add in some special objects. For example, you can print out cute heart shaped stickers that you can stick onto boxes or items. Or, you could purchase heart shaped clay. There are lots of heart coloring pages that include different activities, objects, and colors. So, it shouldn’t be too hard to find some ideas that your toddler will enjoy.

Photos of the 20 Heart Coloring Pages for Children

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