20 Practicing the Alphabet for Preschooler Easy

Practicing the alphabet is an essential part of learning to read. It doesn’t matter if your child is in kindergarten or if he is starting school, the act of reading out loud is a natural activity for infants and small children. All babies learn their letters through olfactory imprinting which begins when they are born. By encouraging your preschooler to read out loud, you are helping him develop the language skills that will help him when he is older.

The most important rule to remember when teaching a child to read is repetition. Read the word aloud and make sure that you child can hear it clearly. It’s very important that he can see the word clearly and hear what you are saying. Once he can hear you say the word, he will have a better understanding of the word and what you are trying to teach him. This repetition is an important part of his learning because he will repeat what you are saying and get the point.

20 Practicing the Alphabet for Preschooler Easy


When learning the alphabet, use the same words over again. Don’t allow your child to speak the alphabet word if he can’t understand it or see it clearly. This will create confusion in your child and he won’t be able to retain it later. Also, never say the letter aloud until your child can clearly understand it. Once your child repeats a letter correctly, wait a moment before saying it again.


If your child has trouble hearing certain letters, you may need to refer to a guide book during your learning sessions. It can also be helpful to have your child point to the words that he can’t quite make out. Have him put down the book as he is reading so that you can review the page with him. You can also ask him to give you the page he is reading so that you can read it to your child.

Another way you can help your child with his reading is by listing the words that your child already knows. You can start from the easiest to the most difficult. Make sure that you include the most common words as well as the words that your child hasn’t heard before. For younger children, you can just ask them to identify the word instead of listing it for them.

The key to teaching your child to recognize and pronounce the alphabet is repetition. When your child sees the letter written out and hears it pronounced, his mind begins to associate that letter with the word he just heard. As he grows older and engages more in learning activities, you can slowly introduce new words to your preschooler; this way, he will not lose his early interest in learning the alphabet.

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